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Many Mansion, Pipeline! WMBR, 88.1, Cambridge MA

Plains podcast!

Plains performed a sometimes haunting, often melodic, always beautiful live set on Pipeline! tonight. Audio podcast available here. Video coming soon.

This week on Pipeline! 11/25/08: Baixa & Guatemala City

It looks like it is a two fer Tuesday this week on Pipeline! with visits from Baixa and Guatemala City. As always, you can listen to WMBR during the live feed and podcasts are available through the WMBR archives.

Coctopus: Track 1

More of what’s old is new, it’s Coctopus pt 2. We’ll see if the minions that dwell in youtube make more libelous statements regarding Iron Maiden with this one. Let’s get tubed.

Pipeline! Podcasts!

In case you were unaware, you may be happy to know that the audio portion of all of the Pipeline! WMBR sets are available for download as a podcast. Keep the faith:

Harris – Lucinda

This is Harris from Pipeline last April fools day. Waiting seven months to post stuff, a pretty good prank eh? Ok yeah not really.

Concord Ballet Orchestra Players

Paper Thin Stages

Howarewe Hawaii

Coctopus: Track 3